Combining family traditions and modern design.

We specialise in taking any jewellery – be it your grandmother’s engagement ring or your great auntie’s brooch – and remodelling it into something modern that reflects your style and you feel proud to wear, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new engagement ring or bracelet. You already have most of the raw materials and we will help transform them into a contemporary piece of jewellery that retains the essence of its history.


Remodelling jewellery is a simple process requiring great skill:


We will have a consultation to look at your existing jewellery and discuss your design preferences. Feel free to bring pictures or sketches along. We will advise on what will work best with your metal and gemstone, then agree a design and give you an estimate for the remodelling.


Your jewellery will be skillfully dismantled, removing any diamonds or gemstones and refining your metal into a bar of gold. This will then be used to make the setting of your choice. The precious stones are cleaned and polished – you may be surprised at the sparkle and colour our professional polisher can uncover!


The metal is reshaped into your desired setting and the newly polished gemstones placed exactly where you want them. We can make any piece of jewellery from engagement rings to necklaces and bracelets, have a look at our products for inspiration.

You are now the owner of a unique up-to-date piece of jewellery that has been handmade to your custom requirements, whilst reaffirming your bond with the person you inherited the jewellery from.