The science bit…

We work with any metal and any precious stone, it’s completely up to you. But sometimes gems can be a minefield, with many different certifications and hallmarks. Benefit from our years of experience and knowledge and let us take the mystery out of gemology by explaining exactly what the symbols mean so you know what you are getting!


With all our jewellery you receive a hallmark stamp for the setting and a certificate for the stone.


Here is a little information to get you started…


A diamond owes most of its beauty to nature, but its shape is down to the skillfulness of cut, which determines the all-important sparkle. The cut refers to the proportions and shape of a diamond and affects its overall appearance and quality. Cut is graded on a scale from Excellence to Poor and incorporates the diamond’s brightness, fire, and symmetry.


Nature is rarely perfect. Almost every diamond contains tiny natural imperfections known as inclusions. We work with a range of diamonds from the best clarity you can get and would not advise using a stone lower than an SI 1 grading.


You may think diamonds are all pure white but in fact they are graded from D (colourless) to Z (noticeable colour). The purity of colour in a diamond is one of the things everyone instantly notices. For a nice quality diamond you should never go lower than an I colour.


Throughout history, diamonds have been sold by weight: the heavier the diamond the greater the carat. Don’t be deceived by size however! You can have a smaller but perfectly cut diamond of flawless colour and clarity that can be more valuable than a larger stone with visible inclusions.


All our diamonds are certified by the GIA (Gemological Society of America), an internationally recognized body that guarantees the quality of your gem. We also provide a retail valuation for insurance purposes.


Our commissions are fully regulated so you can be confident that your piece of jewellery is made by a master craftsman and is the quality you expect and pay for. When your jewellery is ready, it is sent to the Assey office in the City of London to be stamped. There are four individual stamps:

  1. Workshop Stamp – identifies the craftsman.
  2. Letter of the Alphabet Stamp – denotes the year it was made.
  3. Location Stamp – the city of manufacture.
  4. Metal Clarity Stamp – tells you the gold carat.